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How an Idea Became the Perfect Product, with One Single Story

Sargon’s Original – this is us, three brothers Nahrun, Sait and Ramil, and each of us is proud to have a beard. In today’s modern world, we don’t consider the beard culture to be a mere fad. If anything we live by the principle of the ancient Assyrians: “men and beards go together”. The Assyrians were the first to use precious oils to groom their beards! And for that reason we feel we owe it to our predecessors to bring the origins of beard grooming with its aesthetics and philosophy to the ambitious modern man.

Perfection from the Heart

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Travel 4000 years into the past with us:

We find ourselves in Mesopotamia, the land of King Assur. The people of Assur settled here and founded one of the world’s first advanced civilizations. The famous city of Babylon was also constructed by the Assyrians.

A beard was seen by Assyrians as an expression of manliness and was considered a status symbol in upper-class society, which needed appropriate care.

In those times oil was an irreplaceable food, but our predecessors were also aware of its grooming properties. Kings, princes and wealthy citizens began to treat their beards with oil and used tongs and iron to create stately beard styles. Ordinary people couldn’t afford such a luxury. Today however a stately, groomed beard is not a question of class, but rather of style. Every man who is proud to have a beard should treat it with the necessary care – and in so doing continue the tradition of beard grooming founded by the Assyrians.

As proud descendants of the Assyrian people, we from Sargon’s Original are on a mission to develop one of the best beard grooming oils and make it available for all men.

Hammurabi was a Babylonian king who was the very first ruler to write down the laws of the land. The Code of Hammurabi made peaceful living easier.

Following in Hammurabi’s footsteps, we have drawn up a special code for your beard:

Rule No. 1: Grow a beard
Rule No. 2: Take care of your beard
Rule No. 3: Keep your beard in shape

Sargon’s Original makes beard grooming easy and helps you obey the rules!